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5 Reasons Why I Would NOT Go Back To The Touristic Part Of Thailand

1. Ride a Tuk  tuk

Asia’s one of the most popular and affordable transportation. Fun to ride especially on the hot days. A unique way to try out the local life style.

Sometimes being a passenger is an adventure itself! Try to get on the motorbike in Bangkok and see it for yourself 😉

2. Bathe the elephant
Your trip to Asia just won’t be complete without this experience. Sanctuaries are very common in the North Thailand and you will have a plenty to choose from. Combine the experience and a good cause as most of the money spent goes toward the food and supply for the rescued animals.

3. Massages
Asia is very well known for the body treatments such massages, pedicures, relaxation procedures. Try as many as you can! It very inexpensive and offered everywhere. My favorite and truly exotic was the fish massage. You put your feet in the fish tank where little fishes bite out the callus excess. Tickling but very fun massage!

4. Asian cuisine
The rule “eat it if you dare” is strictly applied here! I am open to taste new foods but would not cross the line. Go as far as you can! I discovered the delicious egg coffee in Vietnam, sticky mango rice in Thailand and banana leaf candy in Cambodia. Most of the Asia cuisine you’ve tried back home will taste completely different in the authentic kitchen. I always say if you not sure, don’t eat it!

5. Go shopping
I don’t mean go overboard and splurge on a new closet. I suggest you find something unique and different you wouldn’t normally go for in your home country. For me it was the Alibaba silk pants I discovered in Cambodia. While visiting the temple ruins I faced the wardrobe problems as nothing was appropriate for the occasion. I went to the local market and tried on something completely different. I fell in love with the new outfit so much that I kept searching for similar style in other counties. Ended up coming home with the backpack full of those pants ?

6. Live with the locals
I find it to be the best way to immerse into the culture. Mingle with the locals, talk to them, share the meal. I stayed few times in the guest houses to be closer to the family and see their day to day routine. And save money as well as it is typically a very affordable option. Host families are very friendly and will go out their way to make you feel welcomed.

South-East Asia is whole bucket list itself! Just being here will make you realize how many things are different here. It is a culture shock, a huge step out comfort zone for most people and phenomenal travel destination for all! Very backpacker friendly and won’t break your budget. So, take as many advantages of this trip as you can and fill your bucket list to the fullest! Would love to hear your bucket list stories in the comments!

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