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An Island Of Happy Dogs. Lembongan, Indonesia

Lembongan will stay in my memory as an island of a Happy Dogs. There are so many of them! Walking off the street, chilling under the palm trees, playing at the beach. Whatever those dogs do, they smile!! I haven’t seen so many happy dogs anywhere! Very friendly, relaxed and always ready to be petted. I am a dog person so hanging with the bunch of new fur friends only added an extra joy to my time on Lembongan.

How to get there 

Lembongan is considered a part of Bali and located only 40 min away by the fast boat. Boat prices are looking like the cardiogram of a heart attack patient! When some are sky rocking, others are low. The huge difference is explaining not only by the boat types but operating companies as well. I read tons of reviews on boat operators as it is very common in Indonesia that boats sank. Not a fun story to add to your Bali trip, right?  As I was looking for a budget option I decided not to test the destiny and stay from a local boat. Temptingly cheap price under 100 k (8 USD) but absolutely no safety to it. I didn’t get a ride but saw the boat. Oh, my!

Instead, I opted out for still affordable but much better looking fast boat ride with Penorama company. Cost 150 k (12 USD), clean and nice, will get you there in 35-40 min.

There are also more expensive and comfortable boats operated by Scoot company. Price is 300 k (25 USD). Heard excellent reviews but I didn’t catch the ride with them.

Note that whichever boat you end up taking you will need to get to the water above your knees just to get in. And carry your luggage obviously too.

Where to stay

Lots of affordable accommodations from homestay to simple bungalows for 10-15 USD. There are also a good variety of middle to upper-class boutique hotels with much better amenities if you need it. As for me, simple but clean bungalow for 10 USD was a perfect find!

What to do 

Lembongan offers a huge variety of water activities: diving (most popular), snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, etc. So, if you are into this you will find plenty things to do.

Also, all kind of pampering services such massages, manicures, body scrubs, reflexology, etc.

Not so much for a shopping, but there are few little stores and boutiques with souvenirs and clothes.

Plenty of restaurants offer the Balinese and all kinds of Asian cuisine. Prices are very affordable and range from 4-9 USD in general for the main dish. I became addicted to the fish grilled in banana leaf with coconut. I highly recommend to try it, you will be in love too! And of course the traditional Indonesian Nasi Goren dish a must try.


What tropical island doesn’t have the beach?

It is a pretty small island so almost the entire shoreline around Lembongan is one beautiful beach. There are few different beach names but you will not see the difference.

Blue green waters, white sand and not crowded beaches. The downside is that numerous boats are parked along the beach but you can still find some nice spots. Just walked away from the main area. Be careful with the corals on the beach. Especially after rain or storms, there are plenty of little sharp pieces you can hurt your foot on.

I spent few evenings literally doing nothing. Sipping the fresh coconut (locals cut it right in front of you for 25 K (2 USD) and watching spectacular sunsets. A perfect way to feel the vibe of the island. While I was sitting at the beach with no purpose other than admiring the sunset, a local fisherman was fixing the nets, preparing the boats, kids were playing with the dogs at the beach. And I was in the middle of all of it as a local. Thank you, Lembongan for being so welcoming and friendly!

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