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Уникальный Зоопарк # Baby Animals

Ever dreamed of feeding a baby tiger or petting a Black Panther cub? Think it is too much to ask? Think again! Because it’s real! Small provincial town Bandon, Oregon has a unique petting zoo with all kinds of tiny fur balls to play with. The place is called West Coast Game Park Safari, check out their web site . For a small fee of $17 you will get an unforgettable experience of cuddling with exotic cubs and pups. If you are dreaming of a certain animal to play with, check the Zoo web site first since they always have different wild life there. This petting Zoo specializes in breeding and temporarily keeping baby animals for many parks, centers, and Zoo’s  all across the USA.

While they are open  year around, feeding and playing times may vary depending on animals they have. I got to feed (from a bottle) 3 Bengal Tiger cubs that were only few weeks old. Zoo had a special timing for that ( more information on their web site).

I learned about this place from locals while visiting Oregon. It definitely became the highlight of my trip. Initially I underestimated how much fun it could be for an adult to hold baby animals in my arms. It was a truly magical moment! If you are ever travelling to Portland, I highly recommend you to take a trip to Bandon, which is only 3-4 hours away.


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