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Chichen Itza, best known as it is one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World

Do you have an occasion to celebrate? Or simply looking for a trip to Mexico? Than Cancún is your place to go!

I picked this place to celebrate my big 30 and I am happy I did. I am a picky traveller and wanted a place which has it all: fabulous beaches, entertainment, tropical climate, and some history. Also I don’t speak Spanish (sadly!), but the place is well known so you can get by with English.

I have to admit, I was more cautious than normal due to my previous trip to Mexico – I got horrible food poisoning.  Decided that one case of food poisoning was enough, I choose an all-inclusive hotel as a safer option. If you are one of those people whose stomach can process rocks you can opt out on the hotel food.

One of the main things that brought me to Cancún was to see the Peninsula Yucatán with its world known pyramids. We didn’t rent a car because most of the activities had been pre booked and included pick up from hotel. There are plenty of tour companies to choose from (do your research!). Reviews and prices of were unbeatable (and by the way, I highly recommend this company, I used it in my other trips as well). The drive from Cancún to Yucatan is about 4 hours, but the temperature changes dramatically! I will refer to the Celsius scale because that’s what they use in Mexico. While in Cancún it was pleasantly warm at 25-30 C*, Peninsula Yucatán welcomed us with steamy hot and almost unbearable temperatures of 45-50 C*! Make sure to dress appropriately and bring tons of water with you.  Also weather might change at any moment: rain and thunder started out of blue and stopped shortly after. The tour around the pyramids was amazing, an unforgettable touch of infinity.  After you see you will understand why it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

High temperatures will make you enjoy Cenote, fresh water natural pools, and even more. The deep and refreshingly cool water is truly a magical experience to partake on a delightful swim.

When in Cancún make sure to explore the surrounding areas such as isla mujeres ( Woman’s Island), Playa Del Carmel for shopping and dining, Akumal Beach to swim with turtles and snorkel, and certainly spend some time in the oldest Mayan town Tulum. Tour companies offer plenty of excursions and guided trips to any of these destinations. We booked our tours from different companies and were pleased with most of them. I do have to warn you not to get caught on the street vendors selling tours (it’s a trap!). We got tricked into buying a boat trip because the price was very tempting, but regretted it immediately. Not only did they mix up the day of the tour, but also the pick-up location, the time, and the number of people, and we missed the boat when we finally got there! What a complete nightmare. Also when tour company realized that they messed up our reservation, their employees played the “I don’t understand English card”! Really?! I was beyond disappointed with the experience and will never do it again. Remember! If you desire quality service and you do not want to miss your boat, book everything prior to the trip. Or you can just “wing it” and discover everything unorganized (which can be fun too), but no cheap street vendors!

One of the “must do” things in Cancún is the Jeep Jungle Safari and Zip Lines. It probably was the highlight of my trip! Driving a jeep through tropical jungles, seeing flying colorful parrots, low hanging tree lines, and blooming flowers – that’s what I call an experience! Zip lines are mainly located over small lakes or tiny islands’ which turn zipping into a fun tropical activity.

Most of the tours make a lunch stop at Mayan village where you can try authentic Mexican food cooked right in front of you. Also they often offer you to swim at Cenotes.

Last but not least, if you are looking for nightlife, make a stop in Downtown Cancún. It offers a wide variety of clubs, bars, and restaurants. If you do not feel like paying $100 for the entrance (yes, night clubs there are expensive!), just go to a bar. Every local business there is living only off tourists’ and they will make sure you are having a great time. And I mean it! Feel like dancing on a table or stage? Go for it! It will be encouraged by every person who works there. They might even offer you free drinks or appetizers to make sure you are keeping the mood up. And remember: what happened in Cancún, stays in Cancún!


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