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Eat.Pray.Love Bali. 8 Reasons Why You MUST Visit Bali

After backpacking Asia on my own I was looking for a place to complete my trip on the high note. Something spiritual, quiet, peaceful and beautiful. It all came together in Bali. Long before I made it to Indonesia I already knew I’m going to love it. And this is why you will love it too.

1. People.

Absolutely everyone I met in Indonesia was so kind, open and friendly that it made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. Such an important feeling, especially for the solo traveler (and even more so for a girl!).

2. Nature.

Lavish green jungle style everywhere. Cleanest air. Monkeys all over the place. Warm all year around weather.

monkey forest trail, volcano Batur

Sunrise over mt Batur, North Bali

3. Temples.

I don’t know any other place with so many wonderful temples. People in Bali pray a lot and you will see it. No matter what religion you are or even atheist if will find it very interesting to visit and experience. The architecture behind those walls, the history, the prayer music it all creates a unique and peaceful picture you would want to keep in your heart.

Tirta Gangga or Water Palace

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. One of the most beautiful and important temples on the island.

Water temple

4. Food.

All kind: from vegetarian to the meat lovers heaven. Also, plenty of fresh tropical fruits and juices. I like fish but Bali took it to the whole new level. Banana leaf wrapped and grilled tuna, oh my!!! Try it and it will take your taste buds straight to Heaven.

Nasi Gorein. Traditional Indonesian food.

5. Beaches.

I will be brutally honest but Bali does not have the best beaches in the world. At least not for my taste. Not everywhere it is white sand or blue-green waters. Some areas are simply do not look like a sea shore, more like a lake or river. For example, sea shore in Sanur area not only looks but also smells like a small bay or river somewhere in the village. Beaches in Kuta are way too dirty and crowded. Uluwatu region has mostly cliffs and rocks. Nusa Dua has somewhat clean and sandy beaches. Unless you are a diver or surfer you probably won’t enjoy the beaches here as much. However, it comes from a spoiled Californian who lives by the beach. If your home is far from the water you might find beach experience at Bali quite alright.

New Kuta beach

Secret Beach, Candidasa area

6. Shopping.

Girl or guy, you will find shopping in Indonesia attractive simply because it has so many things to offer! From clothes to handmade jewelry, natural and herbal products, local coffees, oils, souvenirs. Even being very limited with space (try to live out of small a backpack for few months!) I couldn’t resist getting few handmade silk dresses from the Art Village.

shopping for a coffee at the coffee plantation. Ubud, Bali

  1. Rice fields.

Even though you will find it all over the Asia Bali has the most beautiful rice field terraces. The irrigation system and climate are different to compare with the rest of South East Asia, and it doesn’t have the nasty smell. Spectacular views will make you want to walk along those fields and snap tons of pictures because of it so worthy.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace (Ubud, Indonesia)

8. Spiritual experience.

And I am not talking about praying. There is something special about this island which turns everything into the spiritual mode. No explanations, you just have to experience it yourself. I wonder what created this happy bubble. The endless prayers all over Bali? Nature? People? I found no answer but I can assure you will feel it. It is impossible not to.

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