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Here Is Why You Should Spend Holidays In New York

There is no place like New York, where winter holidays feel so magical and glamorous. I have visited the Big Apple many times but never before during Christmas and New Year. Now, afterwards, I definitely understand why over 20 million people choose to visit the city in between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.
From the bottom of my Russian heart I was hoping for the snowy white Christmas. It was raining instead, but still didn’t take away my excitement to be there.
1. Rockefeller Plaza
Remember the scene from “Home alone”? The magic, the lights, the Tree. Gigantic Christmas Tree and ice skating ring. When I imagine Christmas in America I see this picture. Many years before I moved to the USA I had a dream to visit this place during the holidays. My dreams have come true!

2.Sacks of 5th Avenue store

One of my favorite moments from this trip was watching the light show on the Sacks of 5th Avenue. I was walking out of Saint Patrick Cathedral and saw a huge crowd. It only took me a minute to figure out why it was so crowded there. I stood there frozen while watching this Christmas magic on the wall.

3. 5th Avenue

Simply walking anywhere on 5th Ave on Manhattan will wow you on every step of your stroll. Stunning window decorations here are truly taken to the art level! Phenomenal compositions from fairy tales and giant snowflakes will capture your attention for a long time. Jaw dropping lighting and music collaboration will take you to La La Land even if you are only running to the subway station.

4. Times Square

The most iconic place to start your New Year! Neon lights, thousands of tourists, yellow cabs, NYPD, music and endless chaos. Times Square is one of those places where you dip into the holidays mode instantly.

5. Central Park

One of the biggest ice skating rings in town is there. Skating under the starry sky and listening to the Christmas music! Imagining it? If you were not in holiday mode it will get you there!

Also, I absolutely loved the horse carriages with the lights and winter ornaments. Even without the snow it still looked fabulous and welcoming.

6. Little Italy

I think Italians know how to create the holiday atmosphere like no other! Smell of fresh coffee and pastries, ornaments and countless tiny gift shops it is all part of the winter magic in New York City! Smell of delicious croissants was mixing up with the candles and making me want to buy just about everything! If you haven’t finished your shopping list don’t look any further.

7.  Financial District

People who rule the world of finances know to bring the holiday spirit into place! 😉

Splendid lighting of the alleys and gigantic Christmas Tree creates a homey atmosphere. Wall Street people know that it is not all about the money!

I know New York pretty well and love this city with all my heart. Not sure if this time I felt like I was a tourist or a New Yorker. I was walking up and down on Manhattan with no real mission or exact destination. I was simply inhaling the spirit of Christmas and New Year. I was absorbing it like a sponge and just could not get enough. People were laughing, smiling, starring at the window displays, hurrying to do the last-minute shopping. It was a very different kind of Christmas for me as I am starting a new life. Fabulous as always, Big Apple, thank you for this fabulous holiday season! Ah New York, New York!

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